64 PC Bulk Gourmet


This 64 piece bulk box of gourmet chocolates is the perfect ‘go to’ size box for any large gathering or special occasion. Each chocolate is placed in its own fluted white paper cup and ready to be served separately or as part of a larger pastry tier or party tray. Choose from Truffles, Clusters or Caramels.  Save up 25% when purchasing in bulk.

  • Truffles 64pc – $83.20 box

    Flavor Choice:
    – Raspberry – Milk Chocolate
    – Chocolate – Milk Chocolate
    – Himalayan Sea Salt – Milk Chocolate
    – Champagne – Milk Chocolate
    – Irish Cream
    – Himalayan Sea Salt – Dark Chocolate
    – Champagne – Dark Chocolate
    – Raspberry – Dark Chocolate

  • Clusters 64pc – $48.00 box (.75 ea)

    Made from pure milk or dark chocolate with fresh nut ingredients clusters are a simple but delicious way to upgrade your selections of individually prepared chocolates.
    Flavor Choice:
    – Pecan – Milk Chocolate
    – Pecan – Dark Chocolate
    – Cashew – Milk Chocolate

  • Caramels 64pc – $48.00 box

    Flavor Choice:
    – Milk Chocolate
    – Dark Chocolate
    – Milk Chocolate w/ Sea Salt


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